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♡ basics
name? Bernard James Widell
age? 13
birthday? October 13 1991
location? New York

height? 5"3
weight? 110
best body part? chest or torso
worst body part? legs
do you wear makeup? Why or why not? I do not, Because i am a guy
where do you shop? Abercrombie,American Eagle.
favorite article of clothing? My Brown corduroy pants (there not imature coruroy, there trendy)
how many times have you dyed your hair in the past year? once

musical taste? Im into Rock/pop i love them togethter, cant stand them indevidually with the exception of some rock
interests? Anything that has to with theatre is awesome, i sing, dane and act. and swimming im an enormus gymnast. too bad i dont like it. im just good at it.
how do you feel about drugs and alcohol? not good. bad. i hate them. the one time i was forced into them i felt i had no control over what i did and I am a control freak and need control of everything ot i begin to freak out.
vanity? excessive pride is not a good thing

homosexuality? Im fine with it. Only ignurent people judge others on the way theyre hormones were created. its ridiculous. i really dont care.
augusten burroughs? #1 best selling author ever!
do you think you're going to be accepted? I sure do hope so!
why or why not? Because this community seems like it is filled with awesome people who are cool to talk with, and I know i would be missing out on cool stuff if i wasnt accepted so thanks

Here is me with my girlfriends dog kacey about a year or two ago. Sorry i have no recents and there kinda big. and my teeth arent that disgusting i dont know what i ate that day. and im not a loser who makes those kind of poses i think i was like insane at the moment.

Me and my girlfriends Bat Mitzvah once again making a retarted pose and this is the one i want to use for my clothes be sure to check out how the tie and belt blend. its hot. and the glasses are fake my dad owns the place in town so i get them for free normally you would see me with blue contacts or something

 This is me doing a flip at Ashley's house on her bed. Like i said im a gymnast. and Thought my face expression is highly dumb. please dont judge by that. and like I said before, my legs are the worst part of my body. there enormus you tell me?

thank you for your time.
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